Spirited Away No Face Kaonashi
Spirited Away No Face KaonashiDifficulty Level  
Let's make an easy amigurumi today for No-Face! No-Face (カオナシ read as Kaonashi) is a spirit from Spirited Away movie made by Studio Ghibli.
The final result is around 9x5 cm.
This pattern is available only for personal use. Do not duplicate, copy or sell this pattern. But you are free to sell or publish photos of your finished amigurumi product from this pattern as long as you give credits for this website properly.
Tools & Materials
  • Crochet hook 2.5mm
  • Cotton sock yarn, color: black, white, purple
  • Stuffing materials
  • Magic ring
  • Single crochet (Sc)
  • Increase (Inc)
  • Invisible Decrease / Decrease (Dec)
  • Slip stitch (Sl st)
When the indication is grouped like this (Sc, Inc) * 6, it means to do a Single Crochet and Increase, repeat for 6 times.
1. Face
Use white.
15 chains5
See picture below for picture guide for Round 2
2Start this round by make the first sc in the the chain from Round 1. Continue sc until 4 sc, make a chain. Continue by making 4 sc in the other side of the chains ealier. Make a chain again, start Round 3 in the next stitch.10
3Inc, 2 Sc, Inc, Sc, Inc, 2 Sc, Inc, Sc14
4Sc, Inc, 2 Sc, Inc, 4 Sc, Inc, 2 Sc, Inc, Sc18
52 Sc, Inc, 2 Sc, 2 Inc, 3 Sc, 2 Inc, 3 Sc, Inc, 2 Sc24
Make only 2 sc and sl st. Cut a long tail for sewing later.
2. Body
Use black.
16sc into a magic ring6
26 Inc12
3(Sc, Inc) * 618
4(2 Sc, Inc) * 624
5(3 Sc, Inc) * 630
6-1530 Sc30
16(4 Sc, Inc) * 636
1736 Sc36
18(5 Sc, Inc) * 642
19-2042 Sc42
21(6 Sc, Inc) * 648
22-2648 Sc48
27(6 Sc, Dec) * 642
28-3042 Sc42
31(5 Sc, Dec) * 636
32(4 Sc, Dec) * 630
Pause here, let's sew the face to the body first.
3. Sew Face
Embroider the face with eyes & mouth with black yarn. For the purple eye tattoo, I use thinner yarn to sew the purple eye tattoo.
4. Continue Body Part
Continuing from Round 32.
33(3 Sc, Dec) * 624
34(2 Sc, Dec) * 618
35(Sc, Dec) * 612
36Dec * 66
Finish with a sl st, bind off to close the circle and hide the tail.
Pin the face to the head and sew with white yarn & you are finished!

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Last updated at 2021/04/24